Honeywell Transitions from Hardware Sales to Software Monetization

See how Honeywell achieved over 100% growth in annual software revenue while accelerating time-to-market and supporting hybrid models.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company with a rich history of innovation across building technologies, performance materials, safety solutions, and aerospace.

However, increased demand for intelligent devices and connected solutions created a need for Honeywell’s Safety & Productivity unit to modernize long-established business models, moving away from traditional hardware sales to subscription-based software monetization.

Watch the video as Lori Haggart, Global General Manager, Logistics Sensing & Software, explains how Honeywell partnered with Revenera to streamline operations while meeting market demands and improving customer experiences.


Honeywell's transformation demonstrates how organizations can shift from hardware-centric models to software monetization.

By focusing on customer needs and investing in the right tools and partnerships, Honeywell successfully navigated the challenges they faced, and within two years they delivered:

  • New, flexible monetization models
  • Digital licensing and subscription billing infrastructure
  • Detailed roadmaps to help customers transition from hardware purchases to software subscriptions
  • Over 100% growth in annual software revenue, which continues to multiply.

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