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Planning for Software Business Success in 2023

Join Revenera’s Software Monetization team for this in-depth discussion offering practical advice on boosting your bottom line in uncertain times.

Webinars & Events

Software Supply Chain Management Trends and Predictions

Watch the webinar to hear experts from OSS Consultants and Revenera, as they look back on predictions from 2022 and summarize what did or didn’t happen and run down a list of our top trends going into the new year.

Webinars & Events

Mastering Software Entitlement Management and Improving Operational Efficiency

Thursday, FEBRUARY 2, 2023

Join guest speaker Mark Thomason, IDC’s Research Director - Digital Business Models and Monetization, for this webinar on improving your entitlement management practices.

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Trends in Open Source & Third-Party Software Management

Friday, FEBRUARY 10, 2023

Join us to hear an expert panel gives their perspective on what trends enterprise and software companies should consider in their open source and software supply chain strategies.

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SBOMs & Open Source License Compliance

Friday, February 17, 2023

Join us and get real-world guidance in this information-rich webinar as a panel of experts talk about where enterprise organizations and software providers should start their SBOM management journey

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Real World OSS Governance with Open Chain Best Practices

Friday, February 24, 2023

Join us and discover what prompted OpenChain to create and release the Security Assurance Reference Guide and learn more about best practices and a thorough approach to open source and third-party component management.

Webinars & Events

Best of SoftSummit: SaaS Monetization

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Join us live to hear leading experts from Extensis, Infor, Agilent, and Revenera, as they share key insights and takeaways from recent SoftSummit sessions, all dedicated to SaaS monetization.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Revenera Monetization Monitor: Software Piracy and Compliance 2022

Read the third and final report in our Monetization Monitor series for the latest trends in software piracy, overuse, and misuse. Discover how data-driven insights can help prevent future losses.

White Papers & Industry Reports

IDC PlanScape - Future of Digital Innovation: Managing Customer Entitlements Efficiently

IDC has published a new report on how software suppliers can overcome the challenges of entitlement management, detailing how a single source of truth can empower flexibility, growth, and customer retention.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Revenera Monetization Monitor: Software Usage Analytics 2022

Read Revenera’s research report on trends in how software producers collect and analyze software usage data. 


All About the Open SSL Vulnerabilities

In this podcast Revenera experts break down the details of the two high severity OpenSSL vulnerabilities. Understand your next steps and what you should be doing to identify and remediate these issues.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Frost & Sullivan: Software License Management - A Global Analysis of the Software Enforcement Segment

Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan has published a new report into the evolution of software enforcement, detailing how publishers are increasingly moving away from homegrown licensing to embrace specialist third-party integrations.