Manage Your Software Supply Chain

Better manage your software supply chain with SBOM Insights from Revenera. SBOM Insights ingests data from a wide range of sources—both inside and outside your organization—and then unifies all SBOMs into a single actionable view.

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Business Drivers of SBOM Adoption

The Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) enables software-producing organizations to provide transparency to customers and downstream supply chain partners by disclosing the composition of their applications. Producing complete, accurate SBOMs supports better management of licensing and security risk within applications.

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SBOM Insights for Intelligent SBOM Management

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Manage a complete Software Bill of Materials in a SaaS environment and ingest data from a wide range of sources, unifying internal and external SBOMs across your organization.

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A New, More Effective Way to Create and Manage SBOMs

September 27th 2022

Register to learn about the latest technology that helps you, effectively manage ALL your open-source, third-party, commercial software, regardless of where it originates from and much more in this Revenera webinar, where you’ll be able to see it in action


Legal Attribution for OSS Authors

When open source components are used, that code is authored by someone who licenses the use of the code to others. Licenses vary and so do the legal obligations of the user. Listen to this podcast to learn about attribution obligations.

White Papers & Industry Reports

IDC Analyst Brief: The Open Source Blind Spot Putting Businesses at Risk

IDC analysts explain why having a plan for protecting the software supply chain that includes a robust SCA solution, SBOM creation, and an open source license compliance and security policy is essential.

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User's Guide to Open Source Licenses

Not all open source licenses are the same. Users must adhere to individual license requirements,
like preserving copyrights and license text, and providing attribution. Learn more about some of the popular licenses and get a helpful license compliance checklist.

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Cloud License Server with InstallShield

Get your questions answered about how to eliminate the time and effort required to set up and manage local License Servers. Easily configure your builds from the DevOps build pipeline with InstallShield’s Cloud License Server.

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Automate Third-Party Attribution for Open Source Licenses

Licenses vary and so do the legal obligations of the user. Attribution for the author is one of those necessary obligations. Code Insight from Revenera automatically satisfies this requirement by generating complete third-party notices with just the push of a button.

Whitepaper und Branchenberichte

Leitfaden für Produktmanager zur SaaS-Implementierung

In diesem E-Book erfahren Sie, wie Sie den erfolgreichen Betrieb eines SaaS-Unternehmens mit flexiblen und hybriden Monetarisierungsmodellen, neuen Paketierungs- und Preismodellen sowie optimierten Prozessen für Bereitstellung und Fulfillment ermöglichen.

Whitepaper und Branchenberichte

Der ultimative Leitfaden für CFOs zur erfolgreichen Umstellung auf SaaS

Eine nützliche Einführung für CFOs (und alle, die Einblick in die Prioritäten von CFOs benötigen), die gerade auf SaaS-Lösungen und Abonnement-Monetarisierungsmodelle umstellen


Understanding the Exploitability of Spring4Shell

The Spring4Shell vulnerability can be exploited when an attacker sends a specially crafted query to a web server running the Spring Core framework. Listen to this podcast to learn what it is and steps to take.