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Enabling New Business Models and an Exceptional Customer Experience

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Empirix is a recognized leader in end-to-end network performance monitoring and analytics. Empirix solutions provide a holistic view of end-to-end user communications and behaviors across networks, emulating real world transactions to deliver functional/regression testing, performance testing and proactive monitoring.



  • Tracking and analyzing product usage 
  • Creating a consistent customer experience 
  • Increasing efficiency of licensing operations



  • Implement a universal licensing system across multiple products 
  • Centralize entitlement management to allow automation and data gathering



  • Operations managed by a single tracking system 
  • Access to accurate, global product usage data 
  • New options for customer self-service and trials

Empirix improves customer loyalty through real-time, end-to-end visibility of customer experience, service performance, network performance, device management, and location-based services. As a software provider, Empirix works with telco service providers as well as companies in the financial, retail, healthcare and utilities industries.

As network functions become virtualized, there is a demand for more flexible business models. Empirix saw the need to move from feature-based to usage-based monetization models. With this came the need to understand exactly what customers were using and charging appropriately, while maintaining an excellent customer experience. Revenera’s Software Monetization Platform enables Empirix to move to new business models and better understand their customers needs and usage of their products, leading to informed business decision about monetization, product packaging and end-of-life (EOL).



Empirix needed the flexibility to offer different monetization models. Solutions also often involve third-party products, with their own royalty and compliance requirements. Combined, these factors created tracking and reporting tasks that were consuming valuable resources. Close management of the licensing process was important, but Empirix also recognized the need to keep their customers’ networks and call centers operating without interruption.

Tracking feature usage allowed Empirix to better understand their customers’ needs. This data allowed Empirix to:

  • Give customers access to any feature, at any time, without having to contact an Empirix sales person while accurately tracking what gets used to what extent. 
  • Have transparent discussions with customers to reconcile usage and fees as part of the renewal process. 
  • Focus on providing exceptional customer support and developing new sales opportunities within existing accounts 
  • Make EOL decisions based on real world usage, allowing engineering resources to be redirected without effecting customers

For us, the immediate win is customer experience. Our customers have access to everything, whenever they need it, and pay only for what they use. It’s a long term strategy focused on our customer’s success and Revenera’s solutions give us the data we need to execute it.



Empirix implemented FlexNet Licensing, which allowed them to use feature-based or usage-based monetization models. It also allowed them to monitor feature usage and determine what action to take if usage rights are exceeded. Because of their focus on customer experience Empirix elected to not restrict access to any features. FlexNet Licensing supports this option and collects the necessary data for Empirix to accurately charge for feature use at a later date.

Empirix solutions are used by many customers in the Telco industry, where high workloads are managed in completely virtualized high performance environments. To that extent, Empirix needed a monetization solution that was flexible to perform in such an environment without slowing the process down or adding manual tasks for customers. It was one of Empirix’ most important requirements to make licensing completely invisible to customers while providing a smooth process. 



Like many other software companies, Empirix started out with a homegrown licensing solution before they decided to work with Revenera. However, they soon realized that the flexibility needed was almost impossible to build and implement with a homegrown system. Also, moving to Revenera’s monetization platform saved Empirix more than 75% of the workload that was needed to maintain the homegrown system before. That enabled them to leverage their valuable software engineers for the development of their core product, directly contributing to customer value. Also, using a standardized system enabled a faster and more efficient implementation of monetization models and better workflows between Product Management and Engineering, reducing the time to market.

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