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“Unpacking MSIX”: Panel Discussion

Watch this roundtable discussion to learn more about how developers can retain as much code as possible as they continue to innovate and modernize applications.

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TechTalk: InstallShield “Suite” Secrets

In this TechTalk you’ll learn about Suite, a project type within InstallShield, and how it resolves the problem of installing multiple packages, learn how Windows features in Suite works, and how secure it is to send packages via an installer.

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A Developer’s Guide to MSIX: Hear from the Authors

Join the authors of the recently published “A Developer’s Guide to MSIX” for this one hour webinar, where you can discover why and what MSIX brings to the world of software development

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The Power of Flexible, Modern Software Installation


With the newest version of InstallShield Premier, you can build safely in the cloud through Revenera’s Cloud License Server—providing you with the support and flexibility to meet the needs of your business. Find out more about the 2021 InstallShield release in this webinar.

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The MSIX Journey: What Have We Learned?

Join John Vintzel, Principal Program Manager Lead in the Developer Experiences and Platform team at Microsoft, and Venkat Ram Donga, Product Management Leader at Revenera, for an informative, fireside discussion about MSIX changes and how Modification Packages make sense for software vendors.

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It’s MSIX Time - the Latest from Microsoft and InstallShield


As you prepare to move to MSIX, here’s a webinar that will help. Join Microsoft’s John Vintzel, Principal Program Lead for MSIX, and Revenera’s Venkat Ram Donga, Installation Product Manager, for this important update.

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What’s New in InstallAnywhere 2018

In this webinar, learn how InstallAnywhere 2018 helps mitigate the risks of OSS code vulnerabilities with a quick scan of your project.

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What’s New in InstallShield 2018

Learn about the latest enhancements to InstallShield 2018. This release showcases InstallShield 2018 as your first line of defense against OSS security and IP compliance risks with a quick…