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Intro to SBOMs & OSS Compliance Bundle

Get these four info-packed resources that will help you understand OSS compliance, SBOMs, and building your own Open Source Program Office.

White Papers & Industry Reports

The Open Source Program Office

Read this whitepaper to understand the motivations, strategies and best practices for success with an OSPO.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Business Drivers of SBOM Adoption

The Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) enables software-producing organizations to provide transparency to customers and downstream supply chain partners by disclosing the composition of their applications. Producing complete, accurate SBOMs supports better management of licensing and security risk within applications.

White Papers & Industry Reports

IDC Analyst Brief: The Open Source Blind Spot Putting Businesses at Risk

IDC analysts explain why having a plan for protecting the software supply chain that includes a robust SCA solution, SBOM creation, and an open source license compliance and security policy is essential.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Revenera's 2022 Report on Software Supply Chain Compliance

The software industry’s reliance on open source, an increase in OSS dependencies, and the frequency of newly reported security exploits has set up a perfect storm for supply chain security. Learn more in this report, complete with relevant data for your business.

White Papers & Industry Reports

2021 Mid-Year License Compliance Snapshot

Revenera takes a quick look at license compliance and vulnerability management data in this mid-year report. Learn where open source governance is headed and walk away with some actionable key takeaways to get a jump on 2022.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Aberdeen Knowledge Brief. Open Source, With Eyes Wide Open


In this Knowledge Brief, Aberdeen reports that nearly half of security-related issues uncovered in nearly 200 audit projects had a high severity rating. Find out more.

White Papers & Industry Reports

2021 Open Source License Compliance Report

Research Report

In this report, Revenera compiled license compliance and vulnerability data from 2020 audit services projects to create a snap shot of the state of open source compliance in the industry today.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Addressing the Hidden Cost of Embedding Open Source Software

Analyst Brief

Read “Addressing the Hidden Cost of Embedding Open Source Software” report from IDC to learn more about the benefits of devising and adopting an Open Source Strategy

White Papers & Industry Reports

Your Code Isn’t Static. Evolve Your Open Source Processes


It’s imperative to make sure processes supporting your open source environment are dynamic in order to meet the changing needs of both open source license requirements and market shifts. Learn more in this eBook.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Open Source Software: Get More Value, Manage Your Risks

Read this Knowledge Brief and learn more critical data points from pointing to how managing open source risk the right way opens organizations up to making well-informed business decisions.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Chasing Open Source License Compliance: Get the Facts

Using open source software comes with potential risk and therefore responsibilities. Get the facts on license compliance and take the right steps for transparency and control.