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Revenera 2022 Monetization Monitor Report Series

Revenera's latest research findings on software monetization models and strategies, software usage analytics, and software compliance & piracy

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The Open Source Exchange 2023

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Join Revenera’s annual Software Composition Analysis event, where we are bringing more expert advice, more panelists than before, and a broader range of topics for practitioners, executive leaders, and professionals like yourself.


A Break Down of the National Cybersecurity Strategy

In a continuing effort to bolster and secure the nation’s software supply chain, the Biden administration issued the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy. This plan focus’ on enhancing the country’s defenses against emerging threats, such as ransomware and supply chain attacks. Listen to this podcast to better understand what's outlined in the report and what it may mean to you as a software provider. 

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SBOM Insights

Track all the components in your software, regardless of where in the supply chain they originated. Sign up here to speak with us about a 30 day free trial.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Intro to SBOMs & OSS Compliance Bundle

Get these four info-packed resources that will help you understand OSS compliance, SBOMs, and building your own Open Source Program Office.

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Evolving Role of the Software Bill of Materials: A panel discussion

Hear experts from the Linux Foundation, Fenwick, OSS Capital and more, discuss the importance of a software bill of materials and where organizations should spend their time and effort when it comes to SBOMs

White Papers & Industry Reports

The Open Source Program Office

Read this whitepaper to understand the motivations, strategies and best practices for success with an OSPO.

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Planning for Software Business Success in 2023

Join Revenera’s Software Monetization team for this in-depth discussion offering practical advice on boosting your bottom line in uncertain times.

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Software Supply Chain Management Trends and Predictions

Watch the webinar to hear experts from OSS Consultants and Revenera, as they look back on predictions from 2022 and summarize what did or didn’t happen and run down a list of our top trends going into the new year.

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Mastering Software Entitlement Management and Improving Operational Efficiency

Join guest speaker Mark Thomason, IDC’s Research Director - Digital Business Models and Monetization, for this webinar on improving your entitlement management practices.

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SoftSummit 2023

April 18, 2023 – EMEA & April 20, 2023 – North America

SoftSummit 2023 is celebrating 20 years of bringing industry leaders together to share insights and experiences. Join the global event to engage with your peers and experts at the industry leading software monetization conference

Webinars & Events

Trends in Open Source & Third-Party Software Management

Join us to hear an expert panel gives their perspective on what trends enterprise and software companies should consider in their open source and software supply chain strategies.